Saturday, April 6, 2013

From Gardening to Eating Vegetables

My son eats a few vegetables in their undisguised form now. They are green beans, eggplant and peppers. You'd think that was all due to my awesome cooking :-), but you'd be wrong. It was my wife's doing.

She had the idea of getting our son involved in planting herbs and vegetables in our back garden. He's taken a real interest in it and willingly spends hours digging and planting seedlings. We purposely left a the vegetable patch without a drip system and he makes sure the plants are watered. My wife and he are in the garden now and I'll get a picture of him tottering around with a watering can that weighs almost as much as him watering the plants he's just planted.

It's amazing how much you can get from your own back garden in California. We don't plant that much, but we still have more tomatoes than we can consume fresh and usually jar some for later. And I tell you, there is nothing like home grown tomatoes.

So if you want to get your kid to eat vegetables, try getting him or her in the garden helping you plant them. And start young when he still prefers your company to his friends :-) It worked with my son, he eats 3 of the 4 vegetables we grow in our back garden. And I could claim he eats the 4th as well. He eats ketchup and pizza doesn't he?

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